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filantropie, universele liefde, liefdadigheid

Philanthropy    :filantropie


Philanthropy - filantropie

Philanthropic :: filantropiese

Philanthropies :: Philanthropies

Philanthropist :: filantroop

Philanthropists :: filantrope


Related Words

1. philanthropy :: filantropie


1. benevolence :: welwillendheid

2. generosity :: vrygewigheid

3. humanitarianism ::

4. public-spiritedness :: openbare-spiritedness

5. altruism :: altruïsme

6. social conscience :: sosiale gewete

7. charity :: liefdadigheid

8. charitableness ::

9. brotherly love :: broederlike liefde

10. fellow feeling ::

11. magnanimity :: grootmoedigheid

12. munificence ::

13. liberality :: milddadigheid

14. largesse :: mild

15. openhandedness ::

16. bountifulness ::

17. beneficence :: liefdadigheid

18. unselfishness ::

19. humanity :: mensdom

20. kindness :: vriendelikheid

21. kindheartedness ::

22. compassion :: deernis

23. almsgiving ::


1. parsimony :: parsimonie

Different forms

philanthropic, philanthropies, philanthropist, philanthropists, philanthropy

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: philanthropy
Meaning and definitions of philanthropy, translation in Afrikaans language for philanthropy with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of philanthropy in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What philanthropy means in Afrikaans, philanthropy meaning in Afrikaans, philanthropy definition, examples and pronunciation of philanthropy in Afrikaans language.

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