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buite, buitenste, eksterne, exoteric, eksotiese, buitelandse, vreemde, uit, ekstrinsieke, ver, ekstrovert, uiterlike, efferente, barbaarse
buite, eksterne, korteks, skil, integument, uitgang, gesig, fysionomie, kyk, voorkoms, kleur, vooruitsigte, aangesig

Exterior    :buite


Exterior - buite

Exteriors :: exterieurs


Related Words


1. outer :: buitenste

2. outside :: buite

3. outermost :: buitenste

4. outward :: uiterlike

5. external :: eksterne


6. outside :: buite

7. outer surface :: buitenste oppervlak

8. external surface :: eksterne oppervlak

9. outward appearance :: uiterlike voorkoms

10. facade :: fasade


1. inner :: innerlike

2. inside :: binne

3. interior :: binneland

4. internal :: interne

5. inward :: innerlike

Different forms

exterior, exteriors

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: exterior
Meaning and definitions of exterior, translation in Afrikaans language for exterior with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of exterior in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What exterior means in Afrikaans, exterior meaning in Afrikaans, exterior definition, examples and pronunciation of exterior in Afrikaans language.

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