English to Afrikaans Meaning :: disparage

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English to Afrikaans Meaning
minag, afkraak, minagting, verbypad, ignoreer, ergeren
afkraak, deplume

Disparage    :afkraak


Disparage - afkraak

Disparaged :: disparaged

Disparagement :: miskenning

Disparages :: neerhaal

Disparaging :: neerhalende



1. belittle :: verkleineer

2. denigrate :: denigrerend

3. deprecate :: afkeuren

4. trivialize :: bagatelliseren

5. make light of :: maak lig van

6. undervalue :: skatte

7. underrate :: onderskat

8. play down :: speel af

9. ridicule :: bespotting

10. deride :: spot

11. mock :: spot

12. scorn :: spot

13. scoff at :: spot met

14. sneer at :: ginnegappen by

15. run down ::

16. defame :: laster

17. discredit :: diskrediteer

18. speak badly of :: praat sleg van

19. cast aspersions on :: gooi aspersions op

20. impugn :: respekteer

21. vilify :: sleg praat

22. traduce :: laster

23. criticize :: kritiseer

24. slur :: klad

25. pick holes in :: pluk gate in

26. knock :: klop

27. slam :: slam

28. pan :: pan

29. badmouth ::

30. dis :: dis

31. pooh-pooh :: Pooh-Pooh

32. calumniate :: laster

33. derogate :: afbreuk


1. acclaim :: lof

2. applaud :: jubel

3. exalt :: verhef

4. glorify :: verheerlik

5. laud :: loflied

6. magnify :: groot

7. praise :: lof

Different forms

disparage, disparaged, disparagement, disparages, disparaging

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: disparage
Meaning and definitions of disparage, translation in Afrikaans language for disparage with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of disparage in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What disparage means in Afrikaans, disparage meaning in Afrikaans, disparage definition, examples and pronunciation of disparage in Afrikaans language.

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