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toepaslike, behoorlike, akkurate, streng, bekwaam, passend, begaafde, kragtige, staat, sterk, condign
ordentlike, passend, condign, congruous, genoegsaamheid, bekwaam, toepaslike, voldoende, toepassing, korrekte, weens, 'n propos, om die doel

Apposite    :passend


Apposite - passend

Appositely :: voeg zaam

Appositeness :: toepasselijkheid



1. appropriate :: toepaslike

2. suitable :: geskik

3. fitting :: pas

4. apt :: bekwaam

5. befitting :: betaamlik

6. relevant :: relevant

7. pertinent :: pertinente

8. appurtenant :: bybehorende

9. to the point :: tot op die punt

10. applicable :: toepassing

11. germane :: related

12. material :: materiaal

13. congruous :: congruous

14. felicitous :: gelukkige

15. ad rem :: ad rem


1. extraneous :: vreemde

2. immaterial :: immaterieel

3. impertinent :: brutaal

4. inapplicable :: ontoepaslik

5. inapposite :: onvanpas

6. irrelevant :: irrelevant

7. pointless :: nutteloos

Different forms

apposite, appositely, appositeness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: apposite
Meaning and definitions of apposite, translation in Afrikaans language for apposite with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of apposite in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What apposite means in Afrikaans, apposite meaning in Afrikaans, apposite definition, examples and pronunciation of apposite in Afrikaans language.

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