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Dehumanize    :dehumaniseren


Dehumanize - dehumaniseren

Dehumanized :: ontmensde

Dehumanizes :: dehumanizes

Dehumanizing :: ontmenslikende


Related Words

1. dehumanize :: dehumaniseren


1. dehumanise ::

Different forms

dehumanize, dehumanized, dehumanizes, dehumanizing

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: dehumanize
Meaning and definitions of dehumanize, translation in Afrikaans language for dehumanize with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of dehumanize in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What dehumanize means in Afrikaans, dehumanize meaning in Afrikaans, dehumanize definition, examples and pronunciation of dehumanize in Afrikaans language.

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Adjective :: primêre, elementêre, aanvanklike, basiese, elementele, fundamentele, hoof, skoolhoof, prima, sleutel, , voorste, groot, eerste, een, oorspronklike, embrioniese, embrio, primitief, ongerepte, primordiale, barbaarse, rou, voorlopige, groen, onryp, vars, tradisionele, radikale
Meaning :: argetipiese, oorsprong, uiteindelike, , eenvoudige, primêre
Noun :: primêre, spilpunt, fundamentele, planeet, neem, veronderstelling, begrip, verduistering
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