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English to Afrikaans Meaning
trap, strik, lokmiddel, slaggat, put, spinnerak, versoeking, lok, aansporing, aas
lok, versoek, skoonheid, lokmiddel, aas, omseil, verstrik, bemoeilik, gin

Decoy    :lokmiddel


Decoy - lokmiddel

Decoyed :: decoyed

Decoying :: decoying

Decoys :: krale


Related Words

1. decoy-duck :: lokmiddel-eend


1. lure :: lok

2. bait :: aas

3. red herring :: rooi haring

4. enticement ::

5. inducement :: aansporing

6. temptation :: versoeking

7. attraction :: aantrekkingskrag

8. carrot :: wortel

9. snare :: strik

10. trap :: trap


11. lure :: lok

12. entice :: lok

13. allure :: skoonheid

14. tempt :: versoek

15. entrap :: verstrik

16. snare :: strik

17. trap :: trap

Different forms

decoy, decoyed, decoying, decoys

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: decoy
Meaning and definitions of decoy, translation in Afrikaans language for decoy with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of decoy in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What decoy means in Afrikaans, decoy meaning in Afrikaans, decoy definition, examples and pronunciation of decoy in Afrikaans language.

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