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kom, verskyn, vind plaas, gebeur, betree, kyk, kyk deur, blyk, wees duidelik, duidelik wees, breek, lente, produseer, leef
ontstaan, verskyn, aan die lig gekom, ontwikkel

Appear    :verskyn


Appear - verskyn

Appeared :: verskyn

Appearing :: verskyn

Appears :: verskyn


Related Words

1. to appear :: om te verskyn


1. become visible :: sigbaar

2. be revealed :: geopenbaar

3. arrive :: kom

4. seem to be :: blyk om te wees

5. become available :: geword beskikbaar

6. perform :: uit te voer

7. come out :: kom uit

8. seem :: blyk

9. come along :: kom saam


1. clear :: duidelik

2. disappear :: verdwyn

3. dissolve :: ontbind

4. evaporate :: verdamp

5. fade :: vervaag

6. vanish :: verdwyn

Different forms

appear, appeared, appearing, appears

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: appear
Meaning and definitions of appear, translation in Afrikaans language for appear with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of appear in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What appear means in Afrikaans, appear meaning in Afrikaans, appear definition, examples and pronunciation of appear in Afrikaans language.

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