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English to Afrikaans Meaning
konstante, sekere, seker, vaste, firma, werklike, ewige, elke dag, tydlose, klok, voortdurende, eindelose, deurlopende, onomkeerbaar
konstante, voortdurende, Voortsetting, aanhoudende, standvastig, reguit, onwankelbaar, onwrikbare, ataractic

Constant    :konstante


Constant - konstante

Constantine :: Konstantyn

Constantly :: voortdurend

Constants :: konstantes


Related Words

1. dielectric constant :: diëlektriese konstante


1. continual :: voortdurende

2. consistent :: konsekwent

3. faithful :: getrou

4. steadfast :: standvastig

5. perpetual :: ewige

6. invariant :: invariant


7. unchanging factor :: onveranderlike faktor

8. invariable :: onveranderlike


1. capricious :: wispelturig

2. fickle :: wisselvallige

3. fluid :: vloeistof

4. inconstant :: onstandvastig

5. mercurial :: kwik

6. skittish :: dartel

7. uncertain :: onseker

8. unpredictable :: onvoorspelbare

9. unsettled :: onafgehandelde

10. unstable :: onstabiele

11. unsteady :: onvas

12. volatile :: vlugtige

Different forms

constant, constantine, constantly, constants

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: constant
Meaning and definitions of constant, translation in Afrikaans language for constant with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of constant in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What constant means in Afrikaans, constant meaning in Afrikaans, constant definition, examples and pronunciation of constant in Afrikaans language.

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