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magdom, ontelbare, onberekenbare, ontelbaar, oneindig, ongenommerde, tallose
magdom, tien duisend, oneindigheid

Myriad    :magdom


Myriad - magdom

Myriads :: tien duisende



1. innumerable :: ontelbare

2. countless :: ontelbare

3. infinite :: oneindig

4. numberless :: tallose

5. untold :: ongekende

6. unnumbered :: ongenommerde

7. immeasurable :: onmeetbare

8. multitudinous :: veelsoortig

9. numerous :: talle

10. divers :: duikers


11. a multitude :: 'n menigte

12. a large/great number ::

13. a large/great quantity ::

14. scores ::

15. quantities ::

16. a mass :: 'n massa

17. a host :: 'n gasheer

18. droves ::

19. a horde :: 'n horde

20. lots :: baie

21. loads ::

22. masses ::

23. stacks ::

24. scads ::

25. tons ::

26. hundreds ::

27. thousands ::

28. millions ::

29. gazillions ::

30. bajillions ::


1. ace :: ace

2. bit :: bit

3. dab :: DAB

4. dram :: dram

5. driblet :: klein bietjie

6. glimmer :: skynsel

7. hint :: wenk

8. lick :: lek

9. little :: klein

10. mite :: mite

11. nip :: nip

12. ounce :: greintjie

13. pinch :: knyp

14. pittance :: honger loon

15. scruple :: zwarigheid

16. shade :: skaduwee

Different forms

myriad, myriads

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: myriad
Meaning and definitions of myriad, translation in Afrikaans language for myriad with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of myriad in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What myriad means in Afrikaans, myriad meaning in Afrikaans, myriad definition, examples and pronunciation of myriad in Afrikaans language.

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