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kondoneer, opdrag, vergewe, kwytskelding, verskoning, gee 'n verskoning
kondoneer, weier

Condone    :kondoneer


Condone - kondoneer

Condoned :: gekondoneer

Condones :: condones

Condoning :: kondonering



1. disregard :: verontagsaming

2. accept :: aanvaar

3. allow :: toelaat

4. let pass :: laat slaag

5. turn a blind eye to :: draai 'n blinde oog na

6. overlook :: miskyk

7. forget :: vergeet

8. forgive :: vergewe

9. pardon :: kwytskelding

10. excuse :: verskoning

11. let go :: laat gaan

Different forms

condone, condoned, condones, condoning

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: condone
Meaning and definitions of condone, translation in Afrikaans language for condone with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of condone in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What condone means in Afrikaans, condone meaning in Afrikaans, condone definition, examples and pronunciation of condone in Afrikaans language.

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Noun :: ginnegappen, toeter, bespotting, minagting, spot, verwaarlosing, verontagsaming
Verb :: ginnegappen, bespotting, toet, , glimlag, bars uit van die lag, onnozele glimlacht
Meaning :: ginnegappen
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