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English to Afrikaans Meaning
bloei, bloed, ontgin, absorbeer, opdroog, suig, indrinken, geabsorbeer word

Bleed    :bloei


Bleed - bloei

Bleeder :: afperser

Bleeders :: bloeiers

Bleeding :: bloeding

Bleeds :: bloei


Related Words

1. bleed out :: bloei uit


1. lose blood :: verloor bloed

2. draw blood from :: trek bloed uit

3. flow :: vloei

4. drain :: dreineer

5. grieve for :: treur oor

6. phlebotomize :: phlebotomize

7. hemorrhage :: bloeding

8. run :: run


1. fill :: vul

Different forms

bleed, bleeder, bleeders, bleeding, bleeds

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: bleed
Meaning and definitions of bleed, translation in Afrikaans language for bleed with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of bleed in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What bleed means in Afrikaans, bleed meaning in Afrikaans, bleed definition, examples and pronunciation of bleed in Afrikaans language.

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