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Protean    :veranderend


Protean - veranderend


Related Words

1. protean :: veranderend


1. ever-changing :: immer veranderende

2. variable :: veranderlike

3. changeable :: verwissel

4. mutable :: wispelturig

5. kaleidoscopic :: kaleidoskopiese

6. inconstant :: onstandvastig

7. inconsistent :: strydig

8. unstable :: onstabiele

9. shifting ::

10. unsettled :: onafgehandelde

11. fluctuating :: wisselende

12. fluid :: vloeistof

13. wavering ::

14. vacillating ::

15. mercurial :: kwik

16. volatile :: vlugtige

17. labile :: labiele

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English to Afrikaans Dictionary: protean
Meaning and definitions of protean, translation in Afrikaans language for protean with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of protean in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What protean means in Afrikaans, protean meaning in Afrikaans, protean definition, examples and pronunciation of protean in Afrikaans language.

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