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English to Afrikaans Meaning
welwillende, vriendelik, genadig, altruïstiese, Barmhartige, minzaam, vrijgevig, ruim, liefdadigheids, oorvloed, liefdadigheid, seën, benigne, soort, edele, grootmoedige

Benevolent    :welwillende


Benevolent - welwillende

Benevolently :: weldadig


Related Words

1. be benevolent :: wees welwillende


1. kind :: soort

2. charitable :: liefdadigheid

3. eleemosynary :: liefdadigheids

4. freehearted :: vrijmoedig


1. atrocious :: gruwelike

2. barbaric :: barbaarse

3. barbarous :: barbaarse

4. bestial :: dierlike

5. brutal :: wrede

6. brute :: brute

7. callous :: gevoellose

8. cold-blooded :: koelbloedig

9. cruel :: wrede

10. inhuman :: onmenslike

11. inhumane :: onmenslike

12. insensate :: gevoelloos

13. savage :: wrede

14. truculent :: militant

15. unfeeling :: gevoelloos

16. unkind :: onvriendelike

Different forms

benevolent, benevolently

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: benevolent
Meaning and definitions of benevolent, translation in Afrikaans language for benevolent with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of benevolent in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What benevolent means in Afrikaans, benevolent meaning in Afrikaans, benevolent definition, examples and pronunciation of benevolent in Afrikaans language.

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