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balans, simmetrie, ewewig, houding, gelykheid, vlak, par, skaal, meet, erfenis, oudit, skoot, boek
balans, beweging, ooreenstemming, kongruensie, congruity, steelyard
balans, compenseren, houding, weeg, skaal, meet, bepeins, saamgestelde, vergader, pas, bring saam, kerfstok, abut, vergelyk

Balance    :balans


Balance - balans

Balanced :: gebalanseerde

Balances :: teenwigte

Balancing :: balansering

Unbalance :: wanbalans

Unbalances :: gebrek aan balans


Related Words


1. stability :: stabiliteit

2. fairness ::

3. counterbalance :: tegengewicht

4. scale(s) ::

5. remainder :: restant

6. libra :: Weegskaal

7. equilibrium :: ewewig

8. balance wheel :: balans wiel

9. symmetry :: simmetrie

10. residual :: residuele

11. proportion :: verhouding

12. counterweight :: teenwig


13. steady :: bestendige

14. counterbalance :: tegengewicht

15. correspond :: ooreenstem

16. weigh :: weeg

17. equilibrize :: equilibrize

18. poise :: houding


1. disequilibrium :: onewewigtigheid

2. imbalance :: wanbalans

Different forms

balance, balanced, balances, balancing, unbalance, unbalances

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: balance
Meaning and definitions of balance, translation in Afrikaans language for balance with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of balance in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What balance means in Afrikaans, balance meaning in Afrikaans, balance definition, examples and pronunciation of balance in Afrikaans language.

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