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English to Afrikaans Meaning
balans, simmetrie, ewewig, houding, gelykheid, vlak, par, skaal, meet, erfenis, oudit, skoot, boek
balans, beweging, ooreenstemming, kongruensie, congruity, steelyard
balans, compenseren, houding, weeg, skaal, meet, bepeins, saamgestelde, vergader, pas, bring saam, kerfstok, abut, vergelyk

Balance    :balans


Balance - balans

Balanced :: gebalanseerde

Balances :: teenwigte

Balancing :: balansering

Unbalance :: wanbalans

Unbalances :: gebrek aan balans


Related Words


1. stability :: stabiliteit

2. fairness ::

3. counterbalance :: tegengewicht

4. scale(s) ::

5. remainder :: restant

6. libra :: Weegskaal

7. equilibrium :: ewewig

8. balance wheel :: balans wiel

9. symmetry :: simmetrie

10. residual :: residuele

11. proportion :: verhouding

12. counterweight :: teenwig


13. steady :: bestendige

14. counterbalance :: tegengewicht

15. correspond :: ooreenstem

16. weigh :: weeg

17. equilibrize :: equilibrize

18. poise :: houding


1. disequilibrium :: onewewigtigheid

2. imbalance :: wanbalans

Different forms

balance, balanced, balances, balancing, unbalance, unbalances

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: balance
Meaning and definitions of balance, translation in Afrikaans language for balance with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of balance in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What balance means in Afrikaans, balance meaning in Afrikaans, balance definition, examples and pronunciation of balance in Afrikaans language.

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