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gesig, mond, aangesig, gelaatstrekke, kisser, beker, funksie, front, vore, vertrek, teenoorgestelde, kop, moed, dapperheid
gesig, draai, belemmer, tjek, klomp, stop, draai weg, front, kyk, gaan, gekonfronteer, belediging, weerstaan

Face    :gesig


Face - gesig

Faced :: gekonfronteer

Faceless :: gesiglose

Faces :: gesigte


Related Words


1. countenance :: aangesig

2. (facial) expression ::

3. grimace :: grynslag

4. side :: kant

5. dial :: bel

6. appearance :: voorkoms

7. front :: front

8. respect :: opsigte

9. human face :: menslike gesig

10. nerve :: senuwee

11. expression :: uitdrukking

12. typeface :: lettertipe


13. look out on :: kyk uit op

14. accept :: aanvaar

15. be confronted by :: gekonfronteer word deur

16. beset :: omring

17. brave :: dapper

18. cover :: cover

19. look :: kyk

20. confront :: konfronteer


1. back :: terug

2. rear :: agterste

3. reverse :: reverse

Different forms

face, faced, faceless, faces

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: face
Meaning and definitions of face, translation in Afrikaans language for face with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of face in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What face means in Afrikaans, face meaning in Afrikaans, face definition, examples and pronunciation of face in Afrikaans language.

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