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English to Afrikaans Meaning
dubbelsinnige, orakel, dof, duister, vae, fuzzy, mistieke, verdagte, twyfelagtige, fishy, onafgehandelde
dubbelsinnige, bemoeilik, onontcijferbaar, onverstaanbaar, kriptiese, ambivalent, onpeilbaar, onverklaarbaar

Ambiguous    :dubbelsinnige


Ambiguous - dubbelsinnige

Ambiguously :: dubbelsinnig



1. equivocal :: dubbelsinnige

2. ambivalent :: ambivalent

3. open to debate/argument ::

4. arguable :: onseker

5. debatable :: debatteerbaar

6. obscure :: duister

7. unclear :: onduidelik

8. imprecise :: vaag

9. vague :: vae

10. abstruse :: diepsinnige

11. doubtful :: twyfelagtige

12. dubious :: twyfelagtige

13. uncertain :: onseker


1. clear :: duidelik

2. obvious :: voor die hand liggend

3. plain :: vlakte

4. unambiguous :: ondubbelsinnige

5. unequivocal :: ondubbelsinnige

Different forms

ambiguous, ambiguously

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: ambiguous
Meaning and definitions of ambiguous, translation in Afrikaans language for ambiguous with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of ambiguous in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What ambiguous means in Afrikaans, ambiguous meaning in Afrikaans, ambiguous definition, examples and pronunciation of ambiguous in Afrikaans language.

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