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onheilspellend, benoud, siek, verdruk, ongeneeslik, weeklagend, bederfbare, bloedig, pes, kwaad, sinistere, onheilspellende, ongelukkig, slegte, dreigend
onheilspellend, ongelukkig, sinistere, kwaad, skadelik, skadelike, giftig, ongesonde

Baleful    :onheilspellend


Baleful - onheilspellend

Balefully :: balefully

Balefulness :: balefulness



1. menacing ::

2. baneful :: giftig

3. forbidding :: verbied

Different forms

baleful, balefully, balefulness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: baleful
Meaning and definitions of baleful, translation in Afrikaans language for baleful with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of baleful in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What baleful means in Afrikaans, baleful meaning in Afrikaans, baleful definition, examples and pronunciation of baleful in Afrikaans language.

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