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English to Afrikaans Meaning
sukkelende, morbied, nohow, swak, ongesonde
swak, sieklike, siekes, moeg, sukkelende, benoud, siek, verdruk, verwaarloosde, morbied, ongesonde, maer, dun

Ailing    :sukkelende


Ailing - sukkelende


Related Words

1. ail :: ail


1. ill :: siek

2. sick :: siek

3. unwell :: ongesteld

4. sickly :: sieklike

5. poorly :: swak

6. weak :: swak

7. indisposed :: ongesteld

8. in poor/bad health ::

9. infirm :: siekes

10. debilitated ::

11. diseased ::

12. delicate :: delikate

13. valetudinarian :: sukkelaar

14. below par :: benede peil

15. bedridden :: bedlêend

16. laid up :: weggesit

17. under the weather :: onder die weer


18. pain :: pyn

19. trouble :: moeilikheid

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: ailing
Meaning and definitions of ailing, translation in Afrikaans language for ailing with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of ailing in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What ailing means in Afrikaans, ailing meaning in Afrikaans, ailing definition, examples and pronunciation of ailing in Afrikaans language.

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