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241. Animism (animisme) :: The two main religions are Roman Catholicism and Voudou or Voodoo a mixture of African animism belief in spirits and nature and Christianity
242. Campaign (veldtog) :: And he has now backed a local campaign against the show and vowed to go to prison in defence of his religion
243. Chalice (beker) :: Golden chalices and great swords and weapons hung everywhere
244. Chamber (kamer) :: The underground chamber is actually a large cave halflight reflecting off a channel of water in the centre of the cave
245. Clergy (geestelikes) :: Other groups such as the Gardai and the clergy have much shakier grounds for complaint
246. Clergyman (predikant) :: It is quite lonely being one of the only clergywoman and you notice it more when you are the only woman in a room full of male clergy
247. Cleric (geestelike) :: Soon there is a shortage of Muslim clerics worldwide but many arrive from the revitalized Middle East
248. Fatalism (fatalisme) :: If we are to circumvent the immobilizing effects of political fatalism and cynicism the political imagination must find a basis for hope in the future
249. Fate (lot) :: She was about to send off an application to drama school when fate intervened
250. Fundamentalism (fundamentalisme) :: Islamic fundamentalism compared to other fundamentalisms Christian and Orthodox Jewish shows that they all aspire to return women to the status they are said to have occupied in certain ancient nomadic Middle Eastern tribes
251. Funeral (begrafnis) :: in the afternoon hed attended a funeral
252. Hindu (Hindoe) ::
253. International (internasionale) :: The gourmet restaurant La Truffe serves the sumptuous dinners you would expect in an international hotel
254. Internationalism (internasionalisme) :: The Cups increasing internationalism and status as the most prized long distance handicap in world racing fits into its sporting portfolio perfectly
255. Liberal (liberale) :: The need for such programs could be diminished if more high school graduates were better prepared for college and a liberal education
256. Monk (monnik) :: When a group of Dominican monks founded a house in the rue St Jacques in Paris they became known as Jacobins
257. Monotheism (monoteïsme) :: This monotheism this religion of the one of course has universal appeal
258. Negotiate (onderhandel) :: The different caucuses should also negotiate and reach agreements between themselves in advance
259. Negotiation (onderhandeling) :: Now officials have warned that if negotiations reach stalemate today they will resort to legal action
260. Neocolonialism (neokolonialisme) :: We were neocolonialists bent on imposing handmaiden regimes
261. Neoconservative (neokonserwatiewe) :: At last the global justice movement has found a vision as expansive and planetwide as that of the American neoconservatives
262. Opposition (opposisie) :: Poe the frontrunner for a faction of the divided political opposition cornered 31 percent of the respondents
263. Politician (politikus) :: Each of the fifty states has a constitution and set of laws each elects politicians
264. Turnout (opkoms) :: He predicted a high turnout at the general election
265. Wedding (troue) :: Normal lives are a patchwork of work leisure holidays weddings and other life events

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