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ruim, liberale, oorvloed, groot, edele, vry, kosmopolitiese, universele, nie-sektariese, nie-partytjie, die veld geslaan, sonder reserwe, sonder aarzelen, harte gegee, onverskrokke
liberale, ruim
liberale, aplenty, 'n walvis van 'n

Liberal    :liberale


Liberal - liberale

Liberalism :: liberalisme

Liberalization :: liberalisering

Liberalizations :: liberaliseringen

Liberalize :: liberaliseer

Liberalizes :: liberalizes

Liberally :: mildelik

Liberalness :: liberalness

Liberals :: liberale


Related Words


1. tolerant :: verdraagsaam

2. progressive :: progressiewe

3. wide-ranging :: omvattende

4. flexible :: buigsaam

5. abundant :: oorvloedige

6. generous :: ruim

7. broad :: breë

8. big :: groot

9. free :: vry


10. liberalist ::


1. conservative :: konserwatief

2. conventional :: konvensionele

3. hidebound :: kleingeestig

4. orthodox :: ortodokse

Different forms

liberal, liberalism, liberalization, liberalizations, liberalize, liberalizes, liberally, liberalness, liberals

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: liberal
Meaning and definitions of liberal, translation in Afrikaans language for liberal with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of liberal in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What liberal means in Afrikaans, liberal meaning in Afrikaans, liberal definition, examples and pronunciation of liberal in Afrikaans language.

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