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31. Alliteration (alliterasie) :: Strange is masterful in her ability to capture and juxtapose the audible qualities of language alongside the literary tools of assonance and alliteration
32. Article (artikel) :: Unlike stories written for newspapers and magazines articles on the Web stick around much longer
33. Articulate (verwoord) :: Yet we often fail to articulate this doctrine clearly even to ourselves
34. Bilabial (bilabiale) :: At the same time the pattern of variation in low frequency words suggests that a contactinduced change is underway where bilabials are favored when the English cognate of a Spanish word has a bilabial
35. Binomial (binomiaal) :: The original title of Proteus now changed because Miramax is doing a submarine story with the same title involves the naming of the Protea flower in 1735 when it was given its correct Latin binomial
36. Collocation (plasing) :: Johnson gave little attention to collocation idiom and grammatical information although he provided a brief grammar at the front
37. Colon (kolon) :: I have been finding too many contradictory sources on the use of colons versus semicolons and now can remember neither quite right
38. Continuous (deurlopende) :: A point on the block serves as guide for the repeat impression so that the design is continuous
39. Declension (verbuiging) :: There are five declensional types in Latin that are recognized by their terminations in genitive singular
40. Diphthong (diftong) :: For example there is no attempt to distinguish between the pure O of Italian and the diphthongal O of British English or between the various R sounds of English French Spanish and German
41. Ellipsis (beletselteken) :: it is very rare for an ellipsis to occur without a linguistic antecedent
42. Expression (uitdrukking) :: Jade nodded with a contemplative expression and led him down to the lower floors
43. Gerund (gerundium) :: He also advises that one should use the active instead of the passive voice and gerunds instead of noun constructions
44. Inflection (infleksie) :: In such services both the minister and the congregation routinely use voice rhythm and vocal inflection to convey meaning
45. Javanese (Javaanse) ::
46. Javanese (Javaanse) ::
47. Javanese (Javaanse) ::
48. Javanese (Javaanse) ::
49. Javanese (Javaanse) ::
50. Javanese (Javaanse) ::
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52. Javanese (Javaanse) ::
53. Javanese (Javaanse) ::
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56. Javanese (Javaanse) ::
57. Javanese (Javaanse) ::
58. Javanese (Javaanse) ::
59. Javanese (Javaanse) ::
60. Javanese (Javaanse) ::

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