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deurlopende, voortdurende, geleidelike, opeenvolgende, serial, aanhoudende, onwankelbaar, eindelose, Verenigde, ononderbroke, unseparated, onverdeelde, hele, agtereenvolgende, getrek
deurlopende, 'n lopende slag, voortdurende, negentien om die dosyn, sonder ophou

Continuous    :deurlopende


Continuous - deurlopende

Continuously :: voortdurend

Noncontinuous :: noncontinuous


Related Words

1. present continuous :: teenwoordig deurlopende


1. unceasing :: onophoudelike

2. uninterrupted :: ononderbroke

3. unbroken :: ononderbroke

4. constant :: konstante

5. ceaseless :: eindelose

6. incessant :: aanhoudende

7. steady :: bestendige

8. sustained ::

9. solid :: soliede

10. continuing :: voortgesette

11. ongoing :: deurlopende

12. without a break :: sonder 'n onderbreking

13. nonstop :: sonder ophou

14. around/round-the-clock ::

15. persistent :: aanhoudende

16. unremitting :: aanhoudende

17. relentless :: meedoënlose

18. unrelenting :: onverbiddelik

19. unabating ::

20. unrelieved :: nie verlig

21. without respite :: sonder uitstel

22. endless :: eindelose

23. unending :: oneindige

24. never-ending :: onophoudend

25. perpetual :: ewige

26. everlasting :: ewige

27. eternal :: ewige

28. interminable :: eindelose

29. consecutive :: agtereenvolgende

30. rolling ::

31. running :: hardloop

32. without surcease :: sonder surcease


1. discontinuous :: diskontinue

Different forms

continuous, continuously, noncontinuous

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: continuous
Meaning and definitions of continuous, translation in Afrikaans language for continuous with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of continuous in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What continuous means in Afrikaans, continuous meaning in Afrikaans, continuous definition, examples and pronunciation of continuous in Afrikaans language.

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