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511. Buggy (karretjie) :: I had a system crash thanks to a usuallyreliable program that issued a buggy upgrade
512. Cherish (koester) :: Christmas will be a memory that we will cherish forever as it was such a happy joyous time Gould said
513. Connubial (echtelijk) :: And off they go and connubially link themselves without even having the banns read
514. Consanguinity (bloedverwantskap) ::
515. Devoted (toegewyde) :: Through 21 years she was a loving wife and devoted partner
516. Devotion (toewyding) :: I ditched my leather shoes and even gulp drank soy milk in my total devotion to her ideals
517. Dotage (kindsheid) :: I am so mellow now in my dotage that noone bothers to write in to excoriate me any more
518. Elder (ouderling) :: When he arrived at Kabwata he found a team of deacons and one elder heading the church
519. Elderly (bejaardes) :: Quite frankly it disgusts me and I do not feel enough is done for elderly people
520. Forename (voornaam) :: Therefore forenames which are often more specific to language or region than surnames were needed to identify some South Asian participants
521. Grave (graf) :: Somehow you feel that even now 17 years later hes still exerting his influence from beyond the grave
522. Gravestone (grafsteen) :: The council hopes to be able to provide funds to reinstate gravestones and memorials at council cemeteries which were laid flat on safety grounds recently
523. Graveyard (begraafplaas) :: The graveyard was used from the beginning as poor people who went to the workhouse couldnt afford to be buried in the church graveyards
524. Harmonious (harmonieuse) :: The difficulty for the estates theory was that it had described four ideal types of persons and each type had been a harmonious blend of characteristics
525. Induce (veroorsaak) :: As a result any given stimulus will reliably induce the same effect in the dependent sense in an individual
526. Induction (induksie) :: In addition to their induction by hypoxic stress they are also found in rapidly growing tissues such as root tips of germinating seeds
527. Lad (seun) :: A worried looking lad with a red face appears at the door dressed only with a towel around his waist
528. Methuselah (Metusalag) :: Last month while hanging out in St Tropez he reputedly spent 80000 on four methuselahs of Cristal and that was after the Sultan of Brunei had given him a welcome to London present of 10
529. Mouse (muis) :: He would mock my fair and pale skin my lank mouse brown hair and how extremely thin I was
530. Paternal (vaderlike) :: Late in life my paternal grandfather developed Alzheimers
531. Patriarch (patriarg) :: The bishop of Jerusalem who had been given the title of patriarch in 451 by the Council of Chalcedon had jurisdiction over Palestine
532. Patrilineal (patrilineêre) :: Because women marry into a patrilineal descent system the children belong to the father
533. Puerile (kinderachtig) :: Opposition may sometimes seem like a game and there is nothing more puerile than politicians yahbooing each other purely for the sake of it
534. Rest (res) :: Withprofits policyholders should rest assured that there is no danger to their investments
535. Underage (minderjarige) ::

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