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81. Conciliate (versoen) :: Their function is to prepare the minds of the young to conciliate goodwill so that they will readily accept the prescriptions of the law
82. Concise (bondige) :: It is fantastic clear concise and just what you would need if you were visiting for the first time
83. Condescend (verwerdig) :: We expect our television to debase us empty us and condescend to us
84. Condescension (genadig) :: Im treated with condescension
85. Condone (kondoneer) :: Learn to recognise their behaviour and withdraw all social condonation of their actions
87. Conflagration (verwoestende brand) :: These companies encouraged positive precautions to prevent fires by the design and construction of buildings and to deal rapidly with conflagrations
88. Confound (verwar) :: Im still confounded by how some of you manage to work full time and blog
89. Congeal (stol) :: Walk down K Street in Washington DC or visit a law and lobbying firm in central Washington and you will see the congealed wealth of all this corruption
90. Congenital (aangebore) :: Some cases are due to congenital syndromes and others may be related to drug use such as steroids or marijuana
91. Congruent (kongruent) :: No significant change occurs unless the new form is congruent with the old
93. Connoisseur (fynproewer) :: Certainly there was a host of different dishes hot and steamy to cater to the tastes of connoisseurs
94. Conscript (dienspligtige) :: In all some two million men were conscripted between 1800 and 1814
95. Consecrate (heilig) :: We believe that if he is consecrated the unity of the Church of England and Anglican Communion will be disrupted
96. Consensus (konsensus) :: After the concert the consensus was to head back to our respective hotels and sleep for as long as possible
97. Conspicuous (opvallende) :: Its large flowers have a conspicuous mass of red stamens white in myrtle
98. Consternation (konsternasie) :: One person will find his stimulant in an emergency while another may feel anxiety and consternation
99. Consummate (volkome) :: In concert Glenn Tilbrook is that rare breed of consummate musician ultimate professional and allround fun guy
100. Contemporary (kontemporêre) :: It is these voices that make interpretation a living force as they call out to contemporary moments

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