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61. Solace (troos) :: He and his wife go out to Walter Reed and Bethesda all the time to provide comfort and solace
62. Solicit (werf) :: dont solicit for money
63. Solicitous (kwel) :: A glance at any probate casebook will demonstrate how often solicitous distant relatives keen to do fetching and carrying as well as to sort out troublesome financial affairs show up in the declining years of lonely old people
64. Soliloquy (monoloog) :: There seems to be both a haughty reserve that keeps us at a distance during the soliloquies and an absence of inner mystery to tempt our curiosity in the first place
65. Somatic (somatiese) :: This comprises length alterations of oligonucleotide repeat sequences that occur somatically in human tumours
67. Soothsayer (waarsĂȘer) :: Do you really think that while theyre arresting heretics is the best time to be having trade with fortune tellers and soothsayers
68. Sophomoric (Sophomoric) :: With little to occupy their inner lives they settle on sophomoric backbiting and relentless selfaggrandisement as the closest achievable thing to an actually mature expression of emotion or contact between two human beings
69. Soporific (slaapmiddel) :: Its concrete surface is the most soporific in the UK and has been blamed for lulling drivers to sleep
70. Sparse (yl) :: As we mentioned earlier bluebirds prefer open rural areas with scattered trees and sparse ground cover
71. Specious (skyn) :: This argument was presumably specious since the integrated system has since been jettisoned in favor of subcontracting
73. Sporadic (sporadiese) :: The situation is easing although sporadic fresh outbreaks are still occurring
74. Spurious (onwaar) :: Where is the evidence on which the writer bases such spurious claims
75. Squalid (goor) :: People in the mountains remain vulnerable with the winter closing in and there are also fears of disease spreading in squalid tent settlements that have sprouted in the towns
76. Stagnant (staande) :: In stagnant economies urbanisation levels do not increase much
77. Staid (sober) :: In the end one has to say that the ageold and staid principles of banking are more relevant in the era of retail financing
78. Stanch (aanhankelijk) :: As a headteacher she had loyal friends and staunch critics as she strove to give the girls of St Louises Comprehensive College a better start in life
79. Stanza (strofe) :: For the shift in perspective and mood that we see here distinctly parallels and further develops a similar shift both in the sonnet and in the first few stanzas of the poems development
80. Statute (wet) :: The provision or the ability to suspend a sentence is provided by statute

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