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profeet, waarsêer, voorspeller, lewe, towenaar, heks, aankondiger, astroloog, hand lyn kundige

Soothsayer    :waarsêer


Soothsayer - waarsêer



1. seer :: siener

2. oracle :: orakel

3. augur :: voorspeller

4. prophet/prophetess ::

5. sage :: salie

6. prognosticator ::

7. diviner :: waarsêer

8. fortune teller ::

9. crystal-gazer :: kristal-Geser

10. clairvoyant :: heldersiende

11. psychic :: psigiese

12. sibyl :: Sybille

13. haruspex :: haruspex

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: soothsayer
Meaning and definitions of soothsayer, translation in Afrikaans language for soothsayer with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of soothsayer in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What soothsayer means in Afrikaans, soothsayer meaning in Afrikaans, soothsayer definition, examples and pronunciation of soothsayer in Afrikaans language.

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