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21. Red tape (rompslomp) ::
22. Redolent (geurig) :: I have a fondness for the stories of the newsrooms of the past filled with smoke redolent with the smell of dirty paste pots the sound of the bulletin bell on the wire service machines
23. Redress (regstelling) :: The common law claim for restitution would be the means of redress
24. Redundant (oorbodig) :: Workers who have been made redundant will be able to make claims up to 280 a week for pay holiday pay pay in lieu of notice and redundancy
27. Refute (weerlĂȘ) :: Dembskis latest attempt to refute Darwinian theory is by arguing that in a closed system information can only decrease
28. Regale (onthaal) :: I caught up to Dan and walked to class with him listening as he regaled me with a fascinating account of his weekend
30. Relegate (plan verwys) :: Promotion and relegation should still be part and parcel of the overall package
31. Remorse (berou) :: They showed desperation ruthlessness and remorse among other things
32. Remuneration (vergoeding) :: They are a way of acknowledging the work the recipient has done which doesnt rely on monetary remuneration
34. Renown (roem) :: Her pamphlets on faith and Christian living were gaining renown
35. Rent (huur) :: The recreation department also plans to rent the equipment out to groups around town
36. Repine (morren) :: The objective may seem to some an unworthy one but it takes account of the realities without repining uselessly over them
37. Replete (vol) :: It is full of moral speechifying and erudite detail and has a convoluted plot replete with melodramatic deaths and wonderful recoveries and coincidences
38. Reprehensible (verwerplik) :: To vandalize an art work even a bad art work even a morally reprehensible art work is to adopt the tactics of the enemies of culture
39. Reprieve (uitstel) :: From here it was basically downhill though with occasional reprieves
40. Reproof (teregwysing) :: She stood looking at me arms crossed as if waiting for a reproof

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