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21. Olfactory (olfaktoriese) :: The molecules diffuse through the surface layer of mucus and stimulate the olfactory receptors
22. Ominous (onheilspellende) :: His dark ominous eyes bore testament to the fact that he was dangerous
23. Omnipotent (alomteenwoordige) :: More importantly she fails rare fallibility in a genre where the hero is normally all but omnipotent
24. Omniscient (alwetend) :: Here the singer expresses a rather queasy fantasy that of being able to control or at least omnisciently observe his lovers errant sexual behavior
25. Onerous (drukkende) :: And one thing that I didnt mention before is that BA have given me another onerous task
27. Opaque (ondeursigtig) :: The logical chain leading from recovery from illness to an understanding of the animals language is similarly opaque
28. Opprobrious (smalend) :: Brandes wants to contribute to what he calls the New Military History which he asserts offsets ideology and conspiracymindedness by concentrating less opprobriously on understanding civilmilitary relations
29. Opulent (weelderige) :: Dance is only one of several disciplines covered in Goldbergs opulently illustrated survey of the trends and accomplishments that have transformed the worlds stages in the past 40 years
30. Orate (oreren) :: Most statues of King have him marching or holding his hand up and orating
31. Ordain (beskik) :: Josephs parents know that he is a miracle child with a special destiny ordained by God
32. Ornate (versierde) :: On the other hand Vivaldis ornate writing for solo voices is much in evidence
33. Orthodox (ortodokse) :: But as Koerner amply demonstrates Linnaeus was scarcely an orthodox thinker in any realm
35. Ossify (verbenen) :: As two business scholars observed Yesterdays winning formula ossifies into todays conventional wisdom before petrifying into tomorrows tablets of stone
36. Ostentatious (blufferig) :: Hey you people in love do you have to be so ostentatious about it
37. Ostracism (uitbanning) :: Ostracism is an ageold social tactic which is employed for all kinds of reasons
38. Oust (verdryf) :: They contended somewhat surprisingly that this order ousted the automatic directions
39. Overt (openlike) :: Once there is more than one overt act there is a range of possibilities for sentencing
40. Overwrought (oorstuur) :: For one thing Barrys prose style while occasionally overwrought is brilliant

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