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openbare, oop, openlike, patent, oënskynlike, kaal, onmiddellike, okulêre, waarneembaar, duidelik, tasbaar, voor die hand liggend, verborge, naak
oënskynlike, aanskoulike, ondubbelsinnige, Frank, tasbare, openlike, tromp-, kragtig, flagrante, opvallende, verborge, in sig

Overt    :openlike


Overt - openlike

Overtly :: openlik


Related Words


1. undisguised :: onverbloemde

2. unconcealed :: verborge

3. plain (to see) ::

4. clear :: duidelik

5. apparent :: oënskynlike

6. conspicuous :: opvallende

7. obvious :: voor die hand liggend

8. noticeable :: merkbaar

9. manifest :: openbaar

10. patent :: patent

11. open :: oop

12. blatant :: blatante

Different forms

overt, overtly

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: overt
Meaning and definitions of overt, translation in Afrikaans language for overt with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of overt in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What overt means in Afrikaans, overt meaning in Afrikaans, overt definition, examples and pronunciation of overt in Afrikaans language.

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