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141. sideways (sywaarts) :: I slammed on the brakes slid sideways and stopped just before careening into a state road truck
142. sight (oë) :: The sight of the blood and the use of the blade were obviously the key to his sexuality according to forensic psychologists
143. sign (teken) :: If a planet is situated in a sign which opposes its own it is said to be in detriment a word which literally means to be harmed or damaged
144. signal (sein) :: they could signal displeasure by refusing to cooperate
145. signature (handtekening) :: These teachers have selected the finest recordings of the signature works of the great composers
146. significant (beduidende) :: At all times and in all hours they were in deep consultation and Margarot was observed to say to Campbell with a significant wink keep an eye on the old gentleman meaning me
147. significantly (aansienlik) :: Instead we argue for the neutrality of nature which is significantly different
148. silence (stilte) :: we finished our meal in silence
149. silent (stille) :: He buries his head in my shoulder his own shaking with silent sobs
150. silk (kant) :: a silk shirt
151. silly (dom) :: For the next hour or two they engage in serious debate silly gossip or frivolous prattle
152. silver (silwer) :: It too is available in a range of colours silver blue velvet and orange
153. similar (soortgelyk) :: I think we can expect to hear words very similar to those when the defence sums up its case
155. simple (eenvoudige) :: But matters pertaining to the Korean peninsula are rarely simple and straightforward
156. simply (eenvoudig) :: There is simply insufficient evidence before me as to the true cause of the failure of Wines
157. since (aangesien) :: The property had been empty since last July but a couple of weeks ago his daughter moved in
158. sincere (Opregte) :: Many are run by sincere people who genuinely believe what they teach
159. sincerely (opreg) :: Your haunting articles unable to publish disturbing and dramatic general public should not be made aware returning them with great regret Very sincerely yours The London Press

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