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101. mistaken (verwar) :: I was sadly mistaken before and we have come to an understanding now
102. mix (meng) :: When sponsors see the demographics of our fans and drivers they see an unparalleled mix of gender ethnicity and age
103. mixed (gemengde) :: The local community council in what is a mixed residential district however is not as enamoured
104. mixture (mengsel) :: Accurate acreage assessment is difficult because so many of the old Italian vineyards were planted with a mixture of different varieties
105. mobile (mobiele) :: They were also more independently mobile and were able to be discharged sooner
106. mobile phone (selfoon) ::
108. modern (moderne) :: A book thats not bad in context that would fall flat presented in modern terms
109. mom (ma) :: The moms and dads were as impressed with the inside of the cottage as the children were
110. moment (oomblik) :: Martyrs relics and graves seemed of little moment in a world about to be consumed by fire
112. money (geld) :: York would have more nightclubs if someone could make money out of them
114. month (maand) :: Muslims are required to fast during Ramadan the ninth month of the Islamic calendar
115. mood (bui) :: Their sound is mellow and gentle mood music with a twist of soul and a dash of funk
116. moon (maan) :: you must know hed give any of us the moon
117. moral (morele) :: An election of a high standard should start with the moral character and conduct of the candidate
119. more (meer) :: that would appeal far more to me
120. moreover (Verder) :: Scripts moreover are not the only way that information can be stored

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