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Dark - (donker) :: There was one man who though he was dark had the most incredible eyes of gold

Aquiline - (aquiline) :: She was compassionate and spontaneous a handsome if not conventionally beautiful woman with hazel eyes and a distinctive aquiline nose

Puffy - (pofferige) :: In some cases it is retained in the body leading to a puffy appearance

Swarthy - (donker) :: Outside Tusslefoot saw two men both swarthy

Forehead - (voorkop) :: The ashes marking our foreheads on that day serve as a paradoxical remembrance of a future event our death


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Embarrassment - (verleentheid) :: Among other embarrassments the firms were run by felons and hired felons to make the prolaw enforcement pitch

Emerge - (na vore) :: In this simulation a noticeable warm pattern emerges in the 1980s and 1990s

Emergency - (nood) :: AviationSafety has a compilation gallery of emergency exits

Emotion - (emosie) :: Many actors play down the intellectual side of their work and talk instead about operating on emotion and instinct

Emotional - (emosionele) :: I am quite an emotional person but I am shrouded in a fairly straight exterior


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Scrupulous - (deurdagte) :: Seeking to protect his pregnant wife gangster Gui decides to give himself up to the authorities only to find his act of selfsacrifice results in the loss of everything to less scrupulous rivals

Scrutinize - (bestudeer) :: In sufficient numbers this message would get out through the party scrutinizers they cant keep a secret

Scurvy - (skeurbuik) :: I doubt if that will work and I reiterate that the Pakistanis feel scurvily treated with a shorter than short series

Scuttle - (luikgat) :: Most of the immersion exists in the street and sewer scenes when cars and the noises of little rat feet scuttling shuffle from speaker to speaker kind of


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Phalanx (lit) :: It was by no means paranoid to imagine the loss of two or three of the Ulster Unionist Partys regular phalanx of 15 or so MPs from the inner counties

Unused (ongebruikte) :: It came as no surprise that she was unused to being around so many strangers at once

Mountebank (clown) :: It was otherwise an unremarkable fair too much food dancing theft mountebanks young men and women sneaking off together people in witlessly fashionable clothing

Freeze (vries) :: The government can freeze assets or proscribe groups if a UN Security Council freezing order has been issued

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Noun :: gepaardgaande, dienaar, seuntjie, slaaf, , maat, metgesel, kameraad, assosieer, eweknie, bewaarder, volgeling, afhanklik, vleier, vuil, lakei, Medepligtige, tweede
Adjective :: bykomstigheid, toevallige, aanvullende, begeleidende, , gepaardgaande, teenwoordig, aangekom, huidige, dreigende, bywoning, volgende, aandagtig, verskyn, administrateur, dirigent
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