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Grappa - (grappa) :: Oregon pears apples cherries raspberries and grapes are transformed into grappas brandy and eaudevie

Pastry - (deeg) :: The knight plays along and gulps up much of the venison pastry the hermit brought out

Pineapple - (pynappel) :: Give a banana split a healthy twist by adding sliced banana to vanilla yogurt then top with fresh fruit like pineapple blueberries or strawberries

Spirit - (gees) :: It passes from the liver to the heart where it revitalises the vital spirit and to brain where it revitalises the animal spirits

Rubbery - (rubberagtige) ::


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Already - (reeds) :: He also suffered a broken nose and has already been to hospital twice to have treatment

Also - (ook) :: It may come as a bit of a surprise to know that I also have a keen interest in language

Alter - (verander) :: A City of York Council spokesman said the authority would not have to be informed if the repairs were like for like and would not alter the building

Alternative - (alternatiewe) :: Here in the States alternative media have become extremely compartmentalised


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Succinct - (bondige) :: I relied on the contents of this letter as a succinct summary of the law

Supercilious - (verwaand) :: He was looking at him strangely slightly superciliously

Superlative - (oortreffende) :: Not a superlative film but a perfectly solid one and one that is going to be rolling out in limited release quite soon


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Legacy (nalatenskap) :: Nicholson created something extraordinary but the custodians of the club have not done justice to his legacy

Phantom (spook) :: I said in my previous letter that I felt that somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind there may be the merest phantom of a thought that I might be right

Adult (volwasse) :: I can recall looking at the preserved reproductive tracts of several hundred Victorian foxes and noting that few adult firstyear animals had produced young

Inhibition (inhibisie) :: It was good seeing some friends lose their inhibitions and dance like there was no tomorrow

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Noun :: toesig te hou oor, toesig, konvooi, bewaring, wyk, waarneming, inspeksie, resensie, ondersoek, beheer,
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