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English to Afrikaans Meaning
mol, mungo, wesel, pharaonsrat

Weasel    :mol


Weasel - mol

Weaseled :: weaseled

Weaseling :: weaseling

Weaselly :: weaselly

Weasels :: weasels


Related Words

1. weasel words :: mol woorde


1. scoundrel :: skurk

2. wretch :: ellendeling

3. rogue :: boef

4. swine :: varke

5. bastard :: bliksem

6. creep :: kruip

7. louse :: luis

8. rat :: rot

9. ratfink :: ratfink

10. toad :: padda

11. snake :: slang

12. snake in the grass :: slang in die gras

13. serpent :: slang

14. viper :: slang

15. skunk :: muishond

16. dog :: hond

17. cur :: cur

18. scumbag :: scumbag

19. scumbucket ::

20. scuzzball :: scuzzball

21. sleazeball :: sleazeball

22. sleazebag :: sleazebag

23. slimeball :: slimeball

24. sneak :: sneak

25. backstabber ::

26. heel :: hak

27. nogoodnik ::

28. nasty piece of work :: nare stuk werk

29. cad :: CAD

30. blackguard :: swart maak

31. knave :: boef

32. varlet :: Varlet

Different forms

weasel, weaseled, weaseling, weaselly, weasels

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: weasel
Meaning and definitions of weasel, translation in Afrikaans language for weasel with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of weasel in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What weasel means in Afrikaans, weasel meaning in Afrikaans, weasel definition, examples and pronunciation of weasel in Afrikaans language.

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