English to Afrikaans Meaning :: wearisome

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English to Afrikaans Meaning
vervelige, vermoeiende, vervelig, vermoeiend
orige, verswarende, vervelige, kommerwekkend, vervloek, vermoeiend

Wearisome    :vermoeiend


Wearisome - vermoeiend

Wearisomely :: wearisomely



1. tiring ::

2. exhausting ::

3. wearying ::

4. fatiguing :: vermoeiende

5. enervating ::

6. draining ::

7. sapping ::

8. stressful :: stresvolle

9. wearing :: dra

10. crushing ::

11. demanding :: veeleisende

12. exacting :: veeleisende

13. taxing :: inskrywing

14. trying :: probeer

15. challenging :: uitdagend

16. burdensome :: swaar

17. arduous :: moeilike

18. grueling :: uitmergelende

19. punishing ::

20. grinding ::

21. onerous :: drukkende

22. difficult :: moeilik

23. hard :: hard

24. tough :: taai

25. heavy :: swaar

26. laborious :: moeisame

27. back-breaking :: back-breaking

28. crippling ::

29. strenuous :: strawwe

30. rigorous :: streng

31. uphill :: opdraande

32. tiresome :: vermoeiende

33. irksome :: lastig

34. weary :: moeg

35. boring :: vervelig

36. dull :: Dowwe

37. tedious :: vervelige

38. monotonous :: eentonige

39. humdrum :: sleur

40. prosaic :: prozaïsche

41. unexciting :: onopwindend

42. uninteresting :: oninteressant


1. absorbing :: absorbeer

2. engaging :: innemende

3. engrossing :: boeiend

4. interesting :: interessant

5. intriguing :: intrige

Different forms

wearisome, wearisomely

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: wearisome
Meaning and definitions of wearisome, translation in Afrikaans language for wearisome with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of wearisome in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What wearisome means in Afrikaans, wearisome meaning in Afrikaans, wearisome definition, examples and pronunciation of wearisome in Afrikaans language.

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