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English to Afrikaans Meaning
deugsame, vroom, godsdienstige, regverdige, goddelike, net, onskuldige, onberispelike, sondelose, ongesofistikeerde, suiwer, heilige, geseënde, skoon, reine
deugsame, VESTAL, penelope, selfs-handed, billike en vierkante, net, ware sin vir humor, WAAR

Virtuous    :deugsame


Virtuous - deugsame

Virtuously :: knap gedra

Virtuousness :: deugsaamheid


Related Words

1. virtuous circle :: deugsame sirkel


1. righteous :: regverdige

2. good :: goeie

3. pure :: suiwer

4. whiter than white :: witter as wit

5. saintly :: heilig

6. angelic ::

7. moral :: morele

8. ethical :: etiese

9. upright :: regop

10. upstanding :: trotse

11. high-minded :: hoogmoedig

12. principled :: beginselvaste

13. exemplary :: voorbeeldige

14. law-abiding :: wetsgehoorsame

15. irreproachable :: onberispelik

16. blameless ::

17. guiltless :: onskuldig

18. unimpeachable :: onberispelik

19. immaculate :: onberispelike

20. honest :: eerlik

21. honorable :: eerbare

22. reputable :: betroubare

23. laudable :: lofwaardige

24. decent :: ordentlike

25. respectable :: gerespekteerde

26. noble :: edele

27. worthy :: waardig

28. meritorious :: verdienstelike

29. squeaky clean :: silwerskoon


1. bad :: slegte

2. black :: swart

3. dishonest :: oneerlik

4. evil :: kwaad

5. evil-minded :: kwaad-minded

6. immoral :: immoreel

7. indecent :: onsedelike

8. wicked :: bose

9. wrong :: verkeerde

Different forms

virtuous, virtuously, virtuousness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: virtuous
Meaning and definitions of virtuous, translation in Afrikaans language for virtuous with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of virtuous in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What virtuous means in Afrikaans, virtuous meaning in Afrikaans, virtuous definition, examples and pronunciation of virtuous in Afrikaans language.

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