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English to Afrikaans Meaning
omgekrap, verkeerde
ramp, inversie, omgekrap, omwenteling, wee, omset, oproer
omgekrap, verstrik, wanorde, omslaan, ongedaan te maak, ontwrig, bederf, vererger, war stuur, maak slegte, queer
ongedaan te maak, kiel, omgekrap, omslaan, troebel maak, overstuur, raak, debakel, ommekeer

Upset    :omgekrap


Upset - omgekrap

Upsets :: ontstel


Related Words

1. get upset :: word ontsteld


1. complaint :: klagte

2. surprise win :: verrassing wen

3. swage :: sneedhamer

4. overturn :: ongedaan te maak

5. derangement ::

6. disturbance :: versteuring

7. disorder :: wanorde


8. distress :: nood

9. knock over :: klop oor

10. disrupt :: ontwrig

11. defeat :: nederlaag

12. disturb :: versteur

13. swage :: sneedhamer

14. discomfit :: verwar

15. overturn :: ongedaan te maak


16. distressed :: benoud

17. disturbed :: versteurde

18. overturned ::

19. confused :: verward


1. calm :: kalm

2. compose :: komponeer

3. quiet :: stil

4. settle :: vestig

5. soothe :: streel

Different forms

upset, upsets

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: upset
Meaning and definitions of upset, translation in Afrikaans language for upset with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of upset in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What upset means in Afrikaans, upset meaning in Afrikaans, upset definition, examples and pronunciation of upset in Afrikaans language.

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