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English to Afrikaans Meaning
veroordeel, haal uitmekaar, sleg praat, laster, begin verwyt, twis, verwyt, berispen, berispe, sensuur
teregwysing, begin verwyt, straffe, vermaan, kou uit, berispen, berispe

Upbraid    :begin verwyt


Upbraid - begin verwyt

Upbraided :: verwyt

Upbraiding :: upbraiding

Upbraids :: verwyt



1. reprimand :: teregwysing

2. rebuke :: teregwysing

3. admonish :: vermaan

4. chastise :: kasty

5. chide :: twis

6. reprove :: berispe

7. reproach :: verwyt

8. scold :: raas

9. berate :: raas

10. take to task :: neem om taak

11. lambaste :: aftuigen

12. give someone a piece of one's mind ::

13. give someone a tongue-lashing ::

14. rake/haul over the coals ::

15. lecture :: lesing

16. tell off :: vertel af

17. give someone a talking-to ::

18. tear a strip off (of) ::

19. dress down :: rok af

20. give someone an earful :: gee iemand 'n earful

21. rap over the knuckles :: rap oor die vingers getik

22. bawl out :: joelen uit

23. lay into :: lê in

24. chew out :: kou uit

25. ream out :: riem uit

26. castigate :: gispen

27. reprehend :: berispen

Different forms

upbraid, upbraided, upbraiding, upbraids

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: upbraid
Meaning and definitions of upbraid, translation in Afrikaans language for upbraid with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of upbraid in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What upbraid means in Afrikaans, upbraid meaning in Afrikaans, upbraid definition, examples and pronunciation of upbraid in Afrikaans language.

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