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English to Afrikaans Meaning
olierige, vettig, vet, zalvend, lubricious, oliehoudende, morsig, geanimeerde, aanskoulike, flink, elastiese, lewendig
zalvend, gom, taai, viskeuse, klam, modderig, olierige, lubricious, oliehoudende

Unctuous    :zalvend


Unctuous - zalvend



1. sycophantic :: kruiperig

2. ingratiating :: kruiperige

3. obsequious :: kruiperig

4. fawning :: kruiperige

5. servile :: beroepswerk

6. groveling ::

7. subservient :: onderdanige

8. cringing ::

9. humble :: nederige

10. hypocritical :: skynheilige

11. insincere :: ernstig

12. gushing ::

13. effusive :: oordrewe

14. glib :: glib

15. smooth :: gladde

16. slick :: gladde

17. slippery :: glibberige

18. oily :: olierige

19. greasy :: vetterige

20. smarmy :: vleiend

21. slimy :: slymerige

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: unctuous
Meaning and definitions of unctuous, translation in Afrikaans language for unctuous with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of unctuous in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What unctuous means in Afrikaans, unctuous meaning in Afrikaans, unctuous definition, examples and pronunciation of unctuous in Afrikaans language.

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