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English to Afrikaans Meaning
swaai, ossillasie, wieg wieg, bed, oplewing, bruisende, vibrasie, impak wat, swaaiende, rugsak, kit, sak, sportsak
buit, swaai, opskudding, loot, golf, afwyk van die rigting
dangle, swaai, vibreer, ossilleer, rots, wikkel, opgewonde, wag, waggle, waggeling, aarsel, getwyfel, hang, afhang

Swing    :swaai


Swing - swaai

Swinger :: swinger

Swingers :: swingers

Swinging :: swaaiende

Swings :: swaaie


Related Words

1. mood swing :: bui swing


1. oscillation :: ossillasie

2. change :: verandering

3. trend :: tendens

4. fluctuation ::

5. vacillation :: weifeling

6. jive :: jive

7. cut :: sny

8. lilt :: ritme


9. sway :: swaai

10. brandish :: Brandish

11. curve :: kurwe

12. change :: verandering

13. accomplish :: bereik

14. drop :: drop

15. get around :: kry rondom

16. swing over :: swaai oor

17. swing out :: swaai uit

Different forms

swing, swinger, swingers, swings

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: swing
Meaning and definitions of swing, translation in Afrikaans language for swing with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of swing in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What swing means in Afrikaans, swing meaning in Afrikaans, swing definition, examples and pronunciation of swing in Afrikaans language.

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