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English to Afrikaans Meaning
soet, geur, rustig, soet dinge, kompliment, Orphean, sappige
soet, aangename, heerlike, suave, heuning, verblydend, versuikerde, heuning zoete, adorable, rustig, geurige, pittige, sout, balsamiese
soet, bonbon, Geagte, pêrel

Sweet    :soet


Sweet - soet

Sweeten :: versoet

Sweetened :: versoete

Sweetening :: soet

Sweetens :: sweetens

Sweeter :: soeter

Sweetest :: soetste

Sweetish :: soet

Sweetly :: soet

Sweetness :: soet

Sweets :: lekkers


Related Words


1. sugary :: soet

2. fragrant :: geurige

3. dulcet :: soet

4. pleasant :: aangename

5. pure :: suiwer

6. likable :: aangenaam

7. cute :: oulike

8. dear :: Geagte

9. seraphic :: serafiese

10. sweet-smelling :: soet-reuk

11. sugared ::

12. unfermented :: ongegiste

13. gratifying :: verblydend

14. honeyed :: heuning zoete

15. fresh :: vars


16. desserts ::

17. dear :: Geagte

18. confection :: mengsel

19. sweetness ::

20. sugariness :: sugariness

21. afters :: afters


22. sweetly ::

Different forms

sweet, sweeten, sweetened, sweetening, sweetens, sweeter, sweetest, sweetish, sweetly, sweetness, sweets

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: sweet
Meaning and definitions of sweet, translation in Afrikaans language for sweet with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of sweet in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What sweet means in Afrikaans, sweet meaning in Afrikaans, sweet definition, examples and pronunciation of sweet in Afrikaans language.

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