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English to Afrikaans Meaning
raai, hipotese, veronderstelling, vermoede, afleiding, vermoed, indien, ontsteking, hitte, afwagting, gloei, twyfel, agterdog, jaloesie, wantroue, huiwering
dink, raai, vermoed, veronderstelling, sin, veronderstel, aflei, Lei af, verdagte, vraag, wantroue, betwyfel, twyfel trek, antisipeer

Surmise    :vermoed


Surmise - vermoed

Surmised :: vermoed

Surmises :: vermoed

Surmising :: surmising



1. hypothesis :: hipotese

2. supposition :: veronderstelling

3. speculation :: spekulasie

4. surmisal ::

5. guess :: raai

6. conjecture :: veronderstelling


7. guess :: raai

8. conjecture :: veronderstelling

9. suspect :: verdagte

10. deduce :: aflei

11. infer :: Lei af

12. conclude :: sluit

13. theorize :: theoretiseren

14. speculate :: spekuleer

15. divine :: goddelike

16. assume :: aanvaar

17. presume :: veronderstel

18. suppose :: veronderstel

19. understand :: verstaan

20. gather :: versamel

21. feel :: voel

22. sense :: sin

23. think :: dink

24. believe :: glo

25. imagine :: dink

26. fancy :: fancy

27. reckon :: reken

28. opine :: sy mening uitspreek

Different forms

surmise, surmised, surmises, surmising

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: surmise
Meaning and definitions of surmise, translation in Afrikaans language for surmise with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of surmise in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What surmise means in Afrikaans, surmise meaning in Afrikaans, surmise definition, examples and pronunciation of surmise in Afrikaans language.

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