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English to Afrikaans Meaning
volledige, volle, hele, skrille, rigiede, onbuigsaam, styf, taai, onwrikbare, moeilik, hard, soliede, hardnekkige, blatante
skrille, ronduit, niks as dit nie, perfek, ten volle, baie, volledige, heeltemal, ryklik, deeglik, rigiede, viriliteit, eelt
heeltemal, geheel en al, almal, skrille, om die volle omvang, deeglik, blatante, plomp

Stark    :skrille


Stark - skrille

Starker :: Starker

Starkers :: starkers

Starkest :: starkest

Starkly :: strak

Starkness :: barheid


Related Words

1. stark raving mad :: skrille raving gekke


1. sharp :: skerp

2. desolate :: woes

3. austere :: sober

4. sheer :: pure

5. blunt :: stomp

6. unadulterated :: suiwer

7. stern :: Stern

8. crude :: ru

9. barren :: dorre


10. completely ::


1. benign :: benigne

2. benignant :: minzaam

3. gentle :: sagte

4. mild :: ligte

5. tender :: tender

Different forms

stark, starker, starkers, starkest, starkly, starkness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: stark
Meaning and definitions of stark, translation in Afrikaans language for stark with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of stark in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What stark means in Afrikaans, stark meaning in Afrikaans, stark definition, examples and pronunciation of stark in Afrikaans language.

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