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English to Afrikaans Meaning
paal, hoop, stapel, rick, baal, baie, knop, pik, ooreenkoms, vrag
stapel, hoop, paal

Stack    :stapel


Stack - stapel

Stacked :: gestapel

Stacking :: stapel

Stacks :: stapels


Related Words

1. stack up :: stapel


1. heap :: hoop

2. haystack :: hooiberg

3. chimney :: skoorsteen

4. smokestack :: schoorsteenpijp

5. sight :: oë

6. push-down list :: stoot-down list


7. heap (up) ::

8. load :: vrag

9. pile :: paal


1. ace :: ace

2. bit :: bit

3. dab :: DAB

4. dram :: dram

5. driblet :: klein bietjie

6. glimmer :: skynsel

7. hint :: wenk

8. lick :: lek

9. little :: klein

10. mite :: mite

11. nip :: nip

12. ounce :: greintjie

13. pinch :: knyp

14. pittance :: honger loon

15. scruple :: zwarigheid

16. shade :: skaduwee

Different forms

stack, stacked, stacking, stacks

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: stack
Meaning and definitions of stack, translation in Afrikaans language for stack with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of stack in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What stack means in Afrikaans, stack meaning in Afrikaans, stack definition, examples and pronunciation of stack in Afrikaans language.

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