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geanimeerde, aanskoulike, flink, elastiese, lewendig, fietse, sonnige, lewendige, sportief, feestelike, hartlike, aangevul, opgewonde, dartel

Sprightly    :fietse


Sprightly - fietse



1. spry :: SPRY

2. lively :: lewendige

3. agile :: ratse

4. nimble :: ratse

5. energetic :: energieke

6. active :: aktiewe

7. full of energy :: Vol energie

8. vigorous :: lewenskragtige

9. spirited :: begeesterde

10. animated :: geanimeerde

11. vivacious :: vurig

12. frisky :: dartel

13. full of vim and vigor :: vol vim en krag


1. dead :: dood

2. inactive :: onaktiewe

3. inanimate :: lewelose

4. lackadaisical :: sentimenteel

5. languid :: slap

6. limp :: slap

7. listless :: lusteloos

8. vapid :: saai

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English to Afrikaans Dictionary: sprightly
Meaning and definitions of sprightly, translation in Afrikaans language for sprightly with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of sprightly in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What sprightly means in Afrikaans, sprightly meaning in Afrikaans, sprightly definition, examples and pronunciation of sprightly in Afrikaans language.

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