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English to Afrikaans Meaning
stel, kit, swerm, skare, kudde, snateren, Shoal, groep, vereniging, ring, prop, suite, pakkie, pak, joernaal
vaste, stel, statiese, steeds, stilstaande, stabiele, minded, bedoeling, beslissende, gereelde, aangepaste, konstante, gewone
sit, vestig, sit in, stel, plek, maak, betrek, diens, begin, toewys, bekendstelling, oplê, heffing

Set    :stel


Set - stel

Preset :: voorafbepaalde

Presets :: presets

Sets :: stelle

Subset :: onderafdeling

Subsets :: deelversamelings

Unset :: ontstel


Related Words


1. fixed :: vaste

2. inflexible :: onbuigsaam

3. stock :: voorraad

4. ready :: gereed

5. determined to :: vasbeslote om

6. opposed to :: teenoor

7. primed ::

8. determined :: bepaal

9. located ::

10. laid :: gelê

11. hardened ::


12. group :: groep

13. clique :: kliek

14. kit :: kit

15. service :: diens

16. posture :: postuur

17. scenery :: natuurskoon

18. session :: sessie

19. readiness :: gereedheid

20. seth ::

21. stage set :: stadium stel

22. circle :: sirkel

23. bent :: gebuig

24. curing ::


25. put (down) ::

26. be situated :: geleë wees

27. fix :: los

28. adorn :: versier

29. lay :: lê

30. assign :: toewys

31. apply :: aansoek doen

32. decide on :: besluit oor

33. direct :: direkte

34. establish :: vestig

35. adjust :: pas

36. solidify :: stol

37. go down :: gaan af

38. sic :: sic

39. place :: plek

40. fructify :: vruchtbaar maken

41. gear up :: maak gereed

42. set up ::

43. localize :: lokaliseer

44. arrange :: reël

45. countersink :: versink

46. mark :: merk

47. plant :: plant

48. define :: definieer

49. coiffe :: coiffe

50. determine :: bepaal

51. jell :: jel

52. typeset :: geset


1. loose :: los

2. loosen :: los te maak

3. unloose :: los te maak nie

Different forms

preset, presets, set, sets, subset, subsets, unset

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: set
Meaning and definitions of set, translation in Afrikaans language for set with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of set in Afrikaans and in English language.

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