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individuele, afsonderlike, stukkend geslaan, onsamehangende, hetero
verskillende, afsonderlike, verskeie, losstaande, deur, diskrete, duidelike, variant, geskeur, gebroke, disjunct, afgeleë, individuele, onafhanklike, eksklusiewe, onderskei
afsonderlike, enkele, afzonderen, onderskei, kenmerk, individualiseer, diskrimineer, skeur, afbreek, afsnit, verbreking, ontkoppel, dissever, los

Separate    :afsonderlike


Separate - afsonderlike

Separated :: geskei

Separately :: afsonderlik

Separateness :: afsonderlikheid

Separates :: skei

Separating :: skei


Related Words

1. separate from :: apart van


1. unconnected :: onsamehangende

2. set apart :: afgesonder

3. disjoined ::

4. freestanding :: vrye staande


5. split (up) ::

6. disconnect :: ontkoppel

7. partition :: verdeling

8. isolate :: isoleer

9. part (company) ::

10. fork :: vurk

11. split up ::

12. break away from :: breek weg van

13. divide :: verdeel

14. sort :: soort

15. disunite :: onenig

16. split :: split

17. ramify :: vertak

18. discriminate :: diskrimineer

19. distinguish :: onderskei

20. part :: deel

21. come apart :: val uitmekaar


22. reprint :: herdruk


1. join :: aansluit

2. link :: skakel

3. unify :: verenig

4. unite :: verenig

Different forms

separate, separated, separately, separateness, separates, separating

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: separate
Meaning and definitions of separate, translation in Afrikaans language for separate with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of separate in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What separate means in Afrikaans, separate meaning in Afrikaans, separate definition, examples and pronunciation of separate in Afrikaans language.

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