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koverte, klandestiene, skugter, onbekende, undercover, geheim
geheim, verborge, koverte, agter die skerms, ondergronds, geheimsinnige, mistieke, subtiele, esoteriese, okkulte, diepgaande, ontoeganklik, glans, onuitspreeklike
raaisel, geheim, scherts, Arcanum, vertroue, geheime doel, deur die einde, geheim sin, skuilplek, privaatheid, geheimhouding, veiling, sluier

Secret    :geheim


Secret - geheim

Secreted :: afgeskei

Secretes :: Skei

Secreting :: afskei

Secretion :: afskeiding

Secretions :: afskeidings

Secretly :: geheim

Secretory :: sekretoriese

Secrets :: geheime


Related Words

1. top secret :: hoogsgeheim


1. confidential :: vertroulik

2. hidden :: verborge

3. clandestine :: klandestiene

4. cryptic :: kriptiese

5. secluded :: afgesonderde

6. private :: privaat

7. unavowed :: unavowed

8. mystical :: mistieke

9. underground :: ondergronds


10. confidential matter :: vertroulike saak

11. mystery :: raaisel

12. recipe :: resep

13. arcanum :: Arcanum

14. closed book :: geslote boek


1. open :: oop

2. overt :: openlike

3. public :: openbare

Different forms

secret, secretion, secretions, secretly, secretory, secrets

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: secret
Meaning and definitions of secret, translation in Afrikaans language for secret with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of secret in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What secret means in Afrikaans, secret meaning in Afrikaans, secret definition, examples and pronunciation of secret in Afrikaans language.

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