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English to Afrikaans Meaning
reg, korrekte, vaste, gereelde, direkte, reguit, blatante, onmiddellike, Suid, suidelike, gunstige, grasieuse
reg, eis, gesag, besit, oorheersing, krag, Suid, Regter kant, waarheid, feit, werklikheid, eerlikheid, geregtigheid, dialektiese
presies, net, reg, baie, tot op die letter, aan die regterkant, voorwaar, inderdaad, in effek
voorskryf, implementeer, regstelling, reg, oplossing, versoening, toevoer
regmatige, reg, raadsaam, toelaatbare

Right    :reg


Right - reg

Righted :: geregverdig

Righter :: righter

Rightest :: rightest

Righting :: regop

Rightism :: rightism

Rightist :: regse

Rightists :: regses

Rightly :: tereg

Rightness :: korrektheid

Rights :: regte

Rightward :: regswaartse

Rightwards :: rightwards


Related Words


1. just :: net

2. correct :: korrekte

3. suitable :: geskik

4. opportune :: gunstige

5. sane :: sane

6. dextral :: dextral

7. proper :: behoorlike

8. good :: goeie

9. right-hand :: Regter hand

10. veracious :: waarheid getrou


11. completely ::

12. exactly :: presies

13. straight :: reguit

14. correctly ::

15. well :: goed

16. mighty :: magtige

17. properly ::

18. justly ::

19. right on :: reg so

20. flop :: flop


21. goodness :: goedheid

22. entitlement :: reg

23. rightfulness ::

24. right field :: reg veld

25. right hand ::

26. right wing ::


27. set upright :: stel regop

28. remedy :: oplossing

29. rectify :: reg te stel

30. redress :: regstelling


1. corrupt :: korrupte

2. imprecise :: vaag

3. inaccurate :: onakkurate

4. inexact :: onnauwkeurig

5. loose :: los

6. unfaithful :: ontrou

Different forms

right, righted, righter, rightest, righting, rightism, rightist, rightists, rightly, rightness, rights, rightward, rightwards

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: right
Meaning and definitions of right, translation in Afrikaans language for right with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of right in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What right means in Afrikaans, right meaning in Afrikaans, right definition, examples and pronunciation of right in Afrikaans language.

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