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begeerte, aandrang, aanklag, versoek
aansoek, appélleer, petisie, versoek, gebed, werwing, begeerte, klagte, byvoorbeeld, smeking, aanbeveling
bedel, Bid, smag, soek, vra, versoek, aansoek doen, appélleer, Sue, petisie, werf, smeek, wil

Request    :versoek


Request - versoek

Requested :: versoek

Requester :: aansoeker

Requesting :: versoek

Requests :: versoeke


Related Words

1. upon request :: Op versoek


1. appeal :: appélleer

2. bidding ::

3. requirement :: vereiste

4. asking ::

5. postulation ::


6. ask for :: vra vir

7. call on :: 'n beroep op

8. call for :: roep vir

Different forms

request, requested, requester, requesting, requests

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: request
Meaning and definitions of request, translation in Afrikaans language for request with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of request in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What request means in Afrikaans, request meaning in Afrikaans, request definition, examples and pronunciation of request in Afrikaans language.

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