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English to Afrikaans Meaning
gereed, bereid, gemaak, ryp, vorentoe, oop, vry, oor te, gaan, opgewek, ondernemende, vinnig, vinnige
gereed, gereed gemaak, ryp vir, ywerige, dors, soekers, goed vir
voor te berei, gereed, toerus, maak, bloudruk, gereed up
kontant, gereed geld, benodigdhede, gereed, duiten

Ready    :gereed


Ready - gereed

Readies :: duiten

Readying :: readying

Unready :: luie


Related Words

1. get ready :: maak reg


1. prepared :: bereid

2. completed ::

3. willing :: bereid

4. about to :: oor te

5. available :: beskikbaar

6. prompt :: vinnige

7. quick :: vinnige


8. prepare :: voor te berei

9. gear up :: maak gereed

10. make :: maak

Different forms

readies, ready, readying, unready

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: ready
Meaning and definitions of ready, translation in Afrikaans language for ready with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of ready in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What ready means in Afrikaans, ready meaning in Afrikaans, ready definition, examples and pronunciation of ready in Afrikaans language.

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